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DaBrein Solutions

DaBrein Solutions
Lavalle 1675 Piso 4
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (CABA), Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Dabrein is an international provider of Information Technology Solutions and Services with presence in Mexico and Argentina. The company is focused and specialized in services of implementation, maintenance and upgrade of solutions based on Worldwide Software, mainly ERP, SCM, CRM and BI. Additionally is recognized by its software production capabilities and project management success over different environments and frameworks (.Net, Java, Peoplesoft, Siebel, Oracle, SAP, etc). We work hard to provide appropriate solutions to business problems, together with innovative ways to generate value. We refine strategies and provide customized solutions that integrate today's technologies with the client's existing systems. We encourage our professionals to deliver simple and functional, but also creative and cost-effective solutions. We believe that the effective business solutions must embrace not just the pulse of technology, but also the mind of the managers, the heart of the customers and the vision of the industry. Our permanent goal is to construct strong customer relationships achieved by commitment, professionalism and quality. Our own custom Software Development Methodology and our Project Management proved experience gives us remarkable confidence in the quality of our products and services. In addition, strategic partnerships with industry leaders in out-of-the-box solutions give us the possibility to evolve as rapidly as the IT market demands.

Empresa DaBrein Solutions

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