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REF 1815- Team Leader con Laravel PHP e ingles avanzado/ 100% remoto


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Full-time, Remoto



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If you are looking for a change or to grow in your profession, we want you to join the Ayi Group team for an important project abroad with a salary in USD


  • interesting and continuous projects. Since we work on internal projects only, there's no jumping from one thing to another. Our main project is also somewhat complex and ever-evolving.
  • Minimal legacy code-base. Our project is young so we're not dealing with hundreds of thousands of lines of legacy code. Someone capable is going to be easily able to wrap their head around the code base fully in a few months.
  • Extremely good product management. The engineering team never has to put up with the business side of the firm not knowing what they want. Our product management is really, really good, and I personally have a technical background
  • Career Opportunities: My medium-term goal for the Team Lead is to transition into the CTO role, eventually replacing me in the role.


  • Experience in  engineering teams
  • Experience with Laravel (PHP)
  • Advanced English


  • Working at an established and successful international company (continuous YoY growth for the last 14 years), while still working in a small team, given the Argentina office would have 5-10 people at most.
  • 4-Day workweek, with Fridays blocked out for self-development or anything else the team member believes is reasonable.
  • Serious emphasis on work-life balance. While we expect people to take responsibility over their projects, we never expect them to work themselves crazy, or consider overtime to be the norm.
  • Mentoring and growth opportunities. For the senior person, there are immense mentoring opportunities, as we're intending to hire juniors whom they can "mold" according to their preference. For the juniors, they'll be able to work in a team where mentoring is the norm, and therefore develop their skills faster than they otherwise could. 
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